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Tony Almond

Bristol songwriter Tony Almond brings a blend of alternative folk with diverse influences in songs that are often invitations to think
a little deeper about ourselves and the world around us.

Tony also works as a community music leader running sessions in many different settings, (predominantly in health and psychiatric care, and with marginalised communities) working to help people engage and connect and experience the
mind and body benefits of musical expression and song sharing!

Sea Of Man




Released February 1st 2020

Tony Almond – Vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass
Greg White – Drums, percussion
Chris Powell – Bass ( tracks 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11)
Bradley Ayres- Bass (track 3)
Jill Parsons – Violin, vocals
Freya Smith- Cello

Songs and production by Tony Almond

Mastered by Gaz Williams

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Sea of Man record label

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The Explorer


Words and Music by Tony Almond

Produced by Chris Powell at C-Side Music Studio, Bristol. 2016/ 2017
Mastered by Gaz Williams 2017

Tony Almond – Vocals , Guitar , Vibes , Moog , Shruti box .
Chris Powell – Bass , Guitars , Percussion , Hurdy Gurdy , Keyboard
Greg White- Drum kit, percussion
Sadie Wiggin- Vocals , Keyboard
Esther Rose Parkes – Vocals
Sophie Wilsdon – Clarinet
Sarah Moody – Cello
Fiona Barrow – Violin / Viola
Emma Holbrook – Drums (tracks 6 & 10)
Nick Wilsdon – Violin (track 5)
Paco Casasola – Musical Saw



Community Music Group Leader

Tony runs community music sessions, both singing and instrumental,
as a way of bringing people together, sharing songs,
and exploring musical expression and creativity.
And just having fun, of course.

He currently works predominantly in health care settings with people a wide range psychiatric and brain injury conditions, and has run groups extensively with marginalised communities
such as the elderly, refugees and asylum seekers, the homeless, ‘excluded’ youth,
and with people in drug treatment.

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Here’s a recent testimonial :

“Tony has sung with our patients who have a range of mental health needs and /or dementia for the past 3 years. His visits evoke excitement and pleasure. He customises his songs for audience requests and allow improvisation as the songs are expanded or tempos change depending on mood. Tony interacts with patients with a thoughtful and warm demeanour and is inclusive for our less vocal singers working with percussion and rhythm.

The sessions have evolved with waves of high energy familiar requests expanded to include country, folk, gospel, reggae and pop.

Our patients sometimes show negative behaviours and Tony has a deep sense of understanding and flexibility for this, never becoming phased and adapting the music to the altered mood. He has a warm and open attitude to all participants and plays with genuine pleasure with them. His group has become a mainstay of activities at Priory Bristol.

Claire Crew-Gee,
Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
Priory Mental Health Hospital, Bristol
February 2021